Nomad Two Worlds Foundation

Empowering Indigenous Communities & Building Respect Through Arts

The Nomad Two Worlds (N2W) Foundation was created to serve two purposes: to empower indigenous and marginalized individuals and communities, and to build cross-cultural respect, understanding, and reconciliation through all forms of art.

Founded in 2008 by international photographer Russell James, who was moved by the Australian government’s formal apology to the indigenous populations there, he began to connect with his country’s aboriginal heritage and bring about reconciliation across the cultural divide. N2W Foundation would grow to support and facilitate indigenous artists and musicians around the world, especially in his native Australia, Haiti, and North America.

Some of N2W’s initiatives include:

N2W has created programs in performing arts and philanthropic endeavors with well-known international entities such as Virgin Unite, Richard Branson, Clinton Global Initiative, and Urban Zen Foundation.